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Bringing Blockchain to the Agribusiness

Empower farmers and agricultural companies to build a fair and sustainable business while contributing to the global needs and a better world.

AgroFintech AG was initiated by farmers seeking to bridge the gap between the urgent need to support food production and the high-interest rates offered by banks and unregulated lenders contributing to the crisis.


Demand for food will increase


Investments will be needed to meet this demand


People in Africa alone suffer from hunger, and most are farmers. About 520 million in Asia and 43 million in Latin America according to FAO, 2017

The global agriculture industry is facing key financing issues that demand a proper response and solutions:

Lack of Lenders’ Industry Knowledge

The lack of agriculture industry expertise has led to poor financial solutions and inadequate industry-specific risk evaluation.

High Financial Costs

Poor management, and the remoteness of most sites have fueled transactions cost as well as loans burden.

Missing Private Financial Interest

Uncertainty and lack of a unified book of rules drive away banks, innovators and private finance offerings.

Insufficient Funds Provided

Tailored loans at specific moments in the agriculture cycle are a key requirement for most small and medium-sized companies in the agriculture industry.

AgroFintech’s very purpose is assisting farmers and agribusiness owners to advance their enterprises through the use of blockchain technology that will simplify their business management and allow for easier access to credit in amounts and rates not normally provided by the traditional financial system.

As such, AgroFintech wants to stand out in the global market as one of the key promoters of increased wealth and productivity in this industry.

The use of blockchain technology and the establishment of an appropriate ecosystem to implement our vision shall be deployed in a two-phased approach:

Guaranteed Secure Funding

Introducing a guaranteed security Ethereum token as an innovative and transparent financing model for the agriculture businesses.

Ecosystem Platform Development

Developing a decentralized agricultural ecosystem platform to directly connect all stakeholders within the industry, giving them access several tools and solutions that are only available to larger corporations, allowing them to compete on a different scale.

AgroFintech has already established key partnerships with agribusinesses, as well as technology, legal, financial and audit companies to facilitate its project.


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